Can we foil potential Spanish attacks?

Germany and France both suffered devastating attacks last year with terrorists driving lorries into crowds of people in Berlin and Nice.   Security specialists are now fearing the worst for Spain as ISIS has vowed to take revenge on the country for rounding up hundreds of terror suspects over the last few months.   David [...]

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Secure rooms and safe areas can save lives

The terror attack ten days ago at one of the world’s most famous and popular tourist attractions, the Louvre museum in Paris, thankfully didn’t result in any loss of life.   Having read about the attack in The Telegraph we were very interested to note that: “hundreds of panicked visitors at the Louvre were [...]

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Could a secure wall be the answer?

Yet another hotel has come under attack from terrorists with a number of people killed and injured by Al-Shabab fighters, this time in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu.   The question that many people ask when an incident of this nature occurs is “how could this be prevented from happening again?” The team here at The [...]

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Choose rent

If you want to have flexibility around having a safe room or simply have access to a panic room for a set period of time for additional security, we’ve got just the answer.   Explains Paul Weldon, managing director of The Panic Room Company: “Renting a safe room is a highly affordable and flexible alternative [...]

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Panic Rooms To Hire!!…

The perfect solution  for a moving threat or more restricted budget. Organisations which deal with moving threats and Government or Charity driven budgets  can benefit from our new initiative. Have all the security required to the same exacting standards, without the commitment to a long term investment. Our Panic Rooms can now be delivered, installed [...]

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Meet and Greet Us at the Counter Terror Expo April 2015!!

Join us at the Counter Terror Expo 2015! We will be in attendance on TUESDAY 22ND APRIL 2015 and invite you to make an appointment with us to discuss how our Panic Room could benefit you or your client. We are not exhibiting this year but are using this amazing venue and occasion to meet [...]

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George Clooney Latest Celeb to See Benefit of Panic Room

More and more high profile celebrities and their families are seeing the benefits of investing in a Panic Room as an added layer of protection for their families. Read the link below from the Daily Mail....... George Clooney Installs Panic Room

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Read All About It – The Panic Room Company in The London Evening Standard

Please have a read of the article which shows just how a Panic Room is becoming a necessity to provide satisfactory protection for assets and loved ones.

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